A deer was freed Tuesday morning after an environmental conservation officer found it lying in a Centereach housing development, literally caught in a head-light.

The Department of Environmental Conservation officer, Jeff Hull, received a call at about 9:45 a.m. about a deer with a white light globe on its head. Neighbors had seen the animal lying in the woods overnight.

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Hull found the deer in the housing development about 20 yards from the road and attempted to approach it and remove the globe, DEC officials said. The globe, which was wet, slipped out of his hands as he tried to remove it, and the deer ran off and collided with a downed tree, causing the animal to fall.

Hull tried again to remove the globe, this time putting his coat on top of it and bear hugging it, the DEC said. The deer was then able to break free from the globe and ran off into the woods.

Officials said Hull had a few bruises, but was otherwise uninjured.