Huntington Station's newest millionaire says money isn't going to change him.

Jose Gomez, 34, was introduced Thursday as a $2-million winner in the New York Lottery's Monopoly Millionaire scratch-off game.

At the Combo Laundromat on Lowndes Avenue in Huntington Station, where he had scratched off his winning ticket, Gomez said that he felt a little lightheaded at first when he realized he had won the jackpot prize, according to a lottery news release.

Gomez said he usually plays a couple of random lottery games every Sunday.

When he did so back in August, he said, he realized almost instantly that he had won big, from the moment he saw the word "jackpot" on his ticket.

He claimed his winning ticket on Aug. 26 at the lottery's Garden City Customer Service Center.

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Gomez will receive a lump-sum payment of $1,323,600 after required withholdings, the lottery said.

He said he will continue to work as a landscaper and also plans to use his prize money to invest for the future.

Gomez is the 99th person this year to win $1 million or more in a New York State lottery game, officials said.