Town of Huntington officials will hold a public hearing on Tuesday to consider adopting a local law to allow an override of the state mandated tax levy limit.

Town Supervisor Frank Petrone is testing the idea of a 2017 budget that exceeds the state tax cap because he said state mandated increases exceed the increases allowed by the cap. 

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The tax cap, which first applied to local governments in 2012, limits tax levy increases to the lesser of the rate of inflation or 2 percent, with some exceptions for new growth in the community or significant additions to existing properties. The cap can be overridden by a “supermajority” - 60 percent - vote either by a governing local board or, in the case of school-district budgets, voters.

Petrone said a budget that pierces the cap would cost homeowners from $18 to $30 annually. The budget needs to be presented by Sept. 30.

Petrone said there would be major consequences if a budget is adopted that does not pierce the cap, including possible personnel reductions, loss of unmandated things like youth programs and arts programs. 

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at town hall, 100 Main St.