Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy said he was taught by communists when he attended Stony Brook University. But, unlike the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Levy said he is not about to name names.

Levy, a Democrat, made the statement before state Conservatives in Albany last week.

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He said he's "very proud" of his Stony Brook experience and that the school has changed a lot since he attended 30 years ago. Then, Levy said, "A number of professors railed against America on a consistent basis." He said one wore a red hat and fatigues, and another spoke of how Cuba had a better system. "They felt America was a very imperialist nation," he said.

Stony Brook physics professor Barry McCoy said he "laughed and laughed" when he heard about Levy's remarks. But McCoy, a Democratic state committee member, said it won't help Levy win his vote for a governor nomination.