MAP: Where the quake was felt on Long Island

A map of Long Island areas hit by the quake, according to our readers.

  • Name
  • Cutchogue, New York
    Yes, Cutchogue! RT @newsday: A 3.9 magnitude earthquake. Did you feel it? ... Zoom in
  • East Moriches, New York
    @newsday I felt it in my home in East Moriches. ... Zoom in
  • East Northport, New York
    @newsday I felt the quake in East Northport. ... Zoom in
  • East Quogue, New York
    Felt it in East Quogue!!! ... Zoom in
  • Deer Park, New York
    Felt it in Deer Park ... Zoom in
  • Babylon, New York
    Omg it was an earthquake? I felt it in babylon, thought it was just a shiver from Local trucks since I live near sunrise highway but it seemed to last a few seconds longer then what I'm used to... ... Zoom in
  • South Babylon, New York
    "Walls shook in my South Babylon home for 15 seconds! " ... Zoom in
  • Cold Spring Harbor, New York
    "Currently in Cold Spring Harbor and didn't feel a thing lol oh well " ... Zoom in
  • Rocky Point, New York
    "Yes, at home and house shook like crazy. Desk was visibly shaking & rattling. In Rocky Point @ about 10:40'ish. Much stronger than the aftershock of last years canadian earthquake. " ... Zoom in
  • Bethpage, New York
    "I'm in Bethpage, felt the rumbling, whole house 'vibrated' for about 10 seconds, thought it was a really powerful machine, or an earthquake! " ... Zoom in
  • Kings Park, New York
    "I felt the house shake as well as the pictures on the wall shaking. I thought the Town was picking up leaves. Kings Park, NY " ... Zoom in
  • Shirley, New York
    "I work in Shirley and felt it tremble. I work above a manufacturing area so we DO feel vibrations but this was indeed different. I looked at my co-worker and said..."earthquake??" ... Zoom in
  • Melville, New York
    "I'm in Melville and a few of us felt the building gently shaking and a coworker say the windows in the building across from us shaking as well. Nothing big though, felt like a truck passsing or someone walking really heavy " ... Zoom in
  • Mastic Beach, New York
    "I HEARD it and felt a rumble under my feet in Mastic Beach. " ... Zoom in
  • Calverton, New York
    "Felt it in Calverton." ... Zoom in
  • Melville, New York
    "I'm on the second floor of an office building in Melville, and I felt something out of the ordinary. We have a lot of things going on here, but you could tell by the frequency of the vibrations that it was odd. Good to know that I'm not totally nuts. " ... Zoom in
  • Farmingville, New York
    "We felt it on the 3rd floor of Brookhaven Town Hall in Farmingville. " ... Zoom in
  • East Quogue, New York
    "I felt the quake in East Quogue/Tiana Bay area. Pretty strong. I thought the heater/boiler was exploding " ... Zoom in
  • Huntington Station, New York
    "We felt it in Huntington Station felt like a very big truck went by " ... Zoom in
  • Bay Shore, New York
    Felt it in Bay Shore! ... Zoom in
  • Syosset, New York
    "i felt it in Syosset, thought it was a fat co-worked falling out of their chair. " ... Zoom in
  • Manorville, New York
    @newsday yes it shook my whole bed! ... Zoom in
  • Blue Point, New York
    Blue Point, south of MTK HWY. I felt it. ... Zoom in
  • Northport, New York
    We felt it in Northport. Felt like a big truck, lasted awhile, looked outside to see if there was a caravan of trucks. ... Zoom in
  • Merrick, New York
    "Yeah, i felt it in merrick. i was sitting at my desk working when it hit. i said to myself, this feels like an earthquake, but we don't get those around here, lol! " ... Zoom in
  • Medford, New York
    "You mean that wasn't the LIRR barreling through Long Island Ave in Medford???? Wow could have fooled me!!! " ... Zoom in
  • Baldwin, New York
    "I felt some shaking and thought it felt like an earthquake but then dismissed the thought as silly. Baldwin, NY " ... Zoom in
  • Patchogue, New York
    "I felt it in Patchogue. I was getting ready to go out and thought it was a truck passing by on Sunrise. It rattled everything in my kitchen and lasted longer than normal when a truck passes by but still hadn't thought anything of it. It briefly came to mind that it may be an earthquake but then i was like nah cant be. " ... Zoom in
  • Melville, New York
    "I felt it - I am in a Building in Melville off the LIE and Walt Whitman road. It was exactly like someone else said - it felt like a big truck went by or that someone was walking heavily." ... Zoom in
  • Massapequa, New York
    "My sister and I felt it here in Massapequa,she said "What was that"? It felt to me like a very strong wind shaking the house, but when I looked outside, no trees were moving, she said it felt like it was comming from down stairs. We both thought it was strange at the time " ... Zoom in
  • Rockville Centre, New York
    "we felt it in rockville centre in an office building. we're on the 3rd floor. it felt like the building was shaking really badly. there is construction going on in the area, but we never felt the shaking like this before. " ... Zoom in
  • East Patchogue, New York
    "Yes, I felt the quake in East Patchogue on the second floor. Just a strong vibration, no "shifting" like I felt in the quake in CA." ... Zoom in
  • West Babylon, New York
    "I was in the kitchen putting away groceries when I felt the ground shake around 10:50am this morning Lisa in West babylon " ... Zoom in
  • Brentwood, New York
    "Yes, working in Brentwood. Felt a little rumbling/shaking. " ... Zoom in
  • Yaphank, New York
    "Yaphank here. Shook the second floor of my house as if something really large hit the side. Stopped almost immediately. I would have thought I imagined it, except my two cats were fairly freaked out. " ... Zoom in
  • Copiague, New York
    "felt it in copiague " ... Zoom in
  • Rocky Point, New York
    "Definitely felt it in Rocky Point. Lasted about 10 sec. Thought a big truck was parked next to the house..vibration and almost an audible rumbling. " ... Zoom in
  • Stony Brook
    "felt it here at stony brook university hospital, but thought it was a truck that hit the loading dock as it is under my office. kind of scary now that i think about it cause if it had been worse and the building collapsed well in on the 2nd floor i would have been mush. " ... Zoom in
  • Wantagh, New York
    "omg, I felt it this morning at 10:55. I live in Wantagh and was having coffee on my dining room table. My coffee cup started shaking and I thought it was my washing machine on spin cycle. Then I realized I wasn't doing laundry! My dog was sleeping on the couch but woke up, ran to me and sat next to me like as if she were in a thunderstorm! So freaky! " ... Zoom in
  • Farmingdale, New York
    @newsday I felt it at home in South Farmingdale ... Zoom in
  • Holstville, New York
    "I felt it in Holstville I was at work and told my co worker did you feel that and they said yea right they did not believe me, i felt the floor shake and my key was shaking too. Now they believe me " ... Zoom in
  • Center Moriches, New York
    "I felt the tremors in my Center Moriches home. For several seconds the cabinets and appliances vibrated and shook. It only lasted for about 10 seconds and I thought the neighbors were operating machinery. " ... Zoom in
  • East Northport, New York
    "Felt it this morning in East Northport, around 11:00 at first thought it was a huge gust of wind or a big truck going by, happens so quickly, the house vibrated and rumbled. This isn't the first time, I remember one other time and read later there was an earthquake. (thought I was crazy at the time) " ... Zoom in
  • Mattituck, New York
    "My wife and I were upstairs in our two story home in Mattituck, NY. At about 11:00 AM today our house rumbled. Felt like the house was moving or shifting. It did not last very long...about 10 seconds or so. We assumed that it was the result of a piece of heavy construction equipment passing near by. I realize now that it was the earthquake. " ... Zoom in
  • Bay Shore, New York
    "I felt it in Bay Shore. Thought the house was going to blow up. " ... Zoom in
  • Deer Park, New York
    "I felt it in Deer Park. I originally thought it was a Steam Roller driving past the house but local repaving projects have been complete. I never even thought that it could be an earthquake! " ... Zoom in
  • Riverhead, New York
    "I felt it in Riverhead. I just have to say this: never in a million years would I think of calling the police for an earthquake. What ails people any more? I ask you: what are the cops supposed to do about an earthquake?! " ... Zoom in

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