Another extension has been granted for Southampton Planning Board members to consider making a decision in a tree-planting dispute between Matt Lauer and a neighbor of the “Today” show host’s Water Mill horse farm.

The board members were scheduled to review Lauer’s revised tree planting proposal on Thursday, but there was a last-minute postponement of any action on the plan. A new date has been set for Feb. 25.

Lauer’s attorney, Edward D. Burke Jr. of Sag Harbor, said in a telephone interview Thursday that some materials that were to be sent to his office by attorneys for Lauer’s neighbors, Jack and Jodi Wasserman, were not received in time for the board meeting.

Wasserman’s attorney, Martin Finnegan of Riverhead, could not immediately be reached for comment.

“It was agreed upon to have the Wasserman’s photos and viewscapes sent to us,” Burke said. “They were sent to us late last week; therefore we need time to review them and put them in the hands of experts.”

Lauer had proposed planting 42 trees and nearly 200 shrubs on his 40-acre Bright Side Farm to keep horses from being “spooked” on the trail by noises and activities near the Wasserman’s swimming pool.

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The Wassermans objected, saying the trees would obstruct their view of Lauer’s “bucolic” farm and violate restrictions on the property.

Lauer has submitted a new plan that would provide more space between trees to allow the Wassermans to still have their view of the farm.