At least two ticket holders have emerged as winners in Tuesday night's Mega Millions $355 million jackpot, but neither ticket was bought in New York.

The holders of tickets sold in Washington state and Idaho will split the second largest pot in the lottery game's history, lottery officials said.

Jackpot winners for the Mega Millions game have to match five regular numbers plus the "Mega ball." The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47, with 42 being the Mega Ball number.

The two winners from Tuesday will each get $177.5 million. Besides the jackpot, prizes range from $2 to $250,000.

The jackpot had been expected to grow to $290 million after no winner emerged in Friday's drawing, which offered a $242-million grand prize.

But thanks to what lottery officials call a "bump" -- significantly higher ticket sales in the 41 states and the District of Columbia where the game is played -- the jackpot surpassed $300 million, New York Lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman said Monday.

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The pot kept growing on Tuesday, according to the lottery.

Tuesday's jackpot is the second-highest since the Mega game began in 2002, behind $390 million won in March 2007. The jackpot was $336 million in August 2009. In each case, two people split the winnings.

With Gary Dymski