A Cold Spring Harbor couple is suing Chase Bank, claiming its Huntington branch won’t let them into their safe deposit box.

In a lawsuit filed Dec. 19, Robert and Brenda Fox claim that in 2015, shortly after the branch at 350 Main St. computerized its safe deposit box records, they were denied access to valuables — worth about $100,000, including jewelry — they had stored there since 2009.

After verifying Brenda Fox’s identification in March 2015, two bank representatives told her that there was no record of her and her husband owning the box, according to court papers.

JPMorgan Chase Bank declined to comment.

The couple moved to Long Island from California in October 2009, the suit says. Shortly after moving, they opened bank accounts and a safe-deposit box at the Huntington branch.

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They accessed the box without problems at least twice a year until running into the roadblock in 2015, the suit says.

The suit asks for Chase Bank to honor its contract with the couple or for “a money judgment to be determined at trial.”