For Rocky Point High School 2016 homecoming king and queen Kyle Matzen and Mollie Gray, their usual athletic pursuits just weren’t enough last week.

Gray, 17, is a forward on the Rocky Point girls varsity soccer team, while Matzen, 17, is an offensive lineman on the school’s varsity football team. The pair also played a key part in the school’s annual Powderpuff game, in which the junior and senior female athletes played flag football while the male athletes served as cheerleaders and dancers.

Aside from playing in the game, Gray was instrumental in choreographing the boys’ halftime routine, in which members from each of the school’s varsity teams danced to hip-hop and rock songs while wearing special Powderpuff shirts and bandanas.

“I just love homecoming week. I really get into it,” said Gray. “It’s a cool experience.”

While the homecoming game didn’t take place until Saturday, the Powderpuff game was the most popular event of the weekend, according to Rocky Point athletic director Charlie Delargy.

“There were hundreds of people lining the fences all around the field,” he said. “We joked that we had 33,000 people in attendance.”

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Both Gray and Matzen said it was an honor to have been chosen by their classmates as homecoming king and queen, especially since the school feels like a large family.

“It’s a close-knit group,” said Matzen, who said he has known Gray for years. “I have a lot of football memories.”

Delargy said the family atmosphere is a great way for him to promote unity among the students, no matter what sport they play.

“The thing I find here is they [the students] are very supportive of other sports teams,” said Delargy. “That’s really what I want to stress to them. If one team wins, Rocky Point wins.”