There is no evidence this little piggy went to market. Or even hog wild. But it did generate a squeal from its owners after wandering away from their East Patchogue home.

To the rescue Thursday came the Suffolk County SPCA, specifically Lt. John Thompson, Sgt. Michael Allen and Ryan Thompson of the group's emergency animal response team.

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They found the 4-month-old, 125-pound sow wandering on Taylor Avenue, a few blocks from her Scherger Avenue home.

Chief Roy Gross of the SPCA said his crew got a call from Suffolk County police and in less than two hours looped Squeeze, who squealed a bit herself before being returned to her owners. She was not hurt.

"It got out from a fenced area in the yard and just wandered off a little," Gross said.

Now the SPCA is trying to find a new home for Squeeze; Gross said she's gotten bigger than her owners expected and that they'd feel more comfortable if she had more room to roam.

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"We've checked with a few places," he said, including area farms. "It's just gotten too big for them. They'd like the new home to be somewhere that would allow them to visit, so we're working on that."