Suffolk County Community College


Number of graduates

4,189, including those who graduated in January.

Keynote speaker

William D. Moore, former board of trustees chairman at Suffolk County Community College, told students: "Going forward, may a life of education take you to places you may have never dreamed of."

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Honor student speaker

Elizabeth T. Ammenwerth, 40, obtained an associate degree in business administration.

A mother of two, she dropped out of college 20 years ago after becoming pregnant with her first child.

"Time will pass on anyway, so just do it," she told the school's largest graduating class. "Don't wait until tomorrow or the day after."


Stanley Julien, 33, business administration

"It feels good graduating, knowing that I'm getting another level of education and opening more doors in the future."

Yuliya Kolomiyets, 24, liberal arts

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"It feels pretty good . . . this is only the beginning." She graduated from the community college in January and formally received her diploma Sunday. She is enrolled in Briarcliffe College as an accounting student.

Brian Finazzo, 20, liberal arts

"It's pretty exciting. It's nice to finally be out of there. I may apply to Stony Brook University and get into another program."

Ray Diaz, 22, business administration

"It took a little while, a little more than what it was supposed to." He said he may apply to another Long Island university or somewhere upstate. "I want to start my own business and be self-employed."