Suffolk Legis. William Spencer Tuesday lashed out at a campaign mailer from Republicans that shows the front of his property and house number.

"I'm a big boy, I can take it," Spencer (D-Centerport) said. "But leave my wife and family out of it."

The mailer hit this weekend, paid for by the New York Republican State Committee.

It shows Spencer's front gate and brick post with the house number visible.

The mail piece attacks Spencer for Section 8 homes for low-income families approved while he was chairman of the Town of Huntington Housing Authority. It says, "Obama-Liberal William Spencer resides on a private 10-acre compound, but put hundreds of Section 8 units in our neighborhoods."

Grant Lally, Spencer's Republican opponent, said he did not design the piece, but had seen and approved it. Lally said he did not notice that Spencer's house number was visible.

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Lally said hardball tactics have been used against him by Democratic opponents, including "trackers" who followed him. He said there were break-ins at his house and office during campaigns, although he offered no proof they were committed by opponents.

"I didn't hear Spencer cry about that," said Lally, who last year ran unsuccessfully against Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington).

Spencer said his wife came home two weeks ago to find a person with a bag and camera on his property.

Spencer said he had no proof the person was associated with Lally or Republicans. He said his wife did not call the police, and that the man ran away when she went to confront him.

Lally said he had no knowledge of anyone being sent to Spencer's home to photograph it.

A state Republican committee spokesman didn't return a call seeking comment.