As criticism of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's decision not to file county financial disclosure forms mounted Tuesday, Levy blasted back, defending his actions, but also suggesting he would file the forms.

In a news release, Levy called legislative Majority Leader Jon Cooper (D-Lloyd Harbor) "reprehensible" for urging Levy to "stop putting himself above the law" and to voluntarily file the county forms.

"Steve loves to lecture the Legislature about being financially responsible," Cooper said in a statement. "I and all my other legislative colleagues have somehow managed to fill out the correct paperwork since we entered public office."

Levy declined to be interviewed. In the news release, he defended his practice since 2006 of filing a state financial disclosure form - which is less extensive than the county form - arguing that New York City accepts state forms. However, Suffolk County law requires employees to fill out a specific form outlined in the statute and does not allow substitutions for elected officials.

"I have no problem submitting a county form and call upon Mr. Cooper to disclose all of his financials over the last six years to the public," Levy said in the release.

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