Two Center Moriches middle school students, using plastic lace string, found a way to raise money for a national cancer charity.

The two sixth-graders, Stefanie Stypulkowski, left, and Alexandra Stokes, raised $1,000 this fall for the American Cancer Society by selling 500 homemade pink-and-white key chains to a local hospital. The girls said each key chain took about a half-hour to make, and they spent time amassing them over the summer.

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The hospital distributed the key chains in gift bags to breast cancer patients in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

"It was a good feeling -- very heartwarming," Stefanie, 12, said of providing key chains to those affected by the disease. "We wanted to do something to help patients fighting cancer. Everyone can relate to cancer and being in that situation."

They are continuing to make the key chains and plan to sell them next year during family visits to Fire Island. The students said they got the idea from seeing key chains sold to raise money at Relay for Life, a community-based fundraiser that benefits the American Cancer Society.