Long Islanders will be glad to take the advice of their forecaster friend Thursday.

“Take breaks,” advised meteorologist Nelson Vaz of the National Weather Service in Upton.

Temps on Long Island will linger just under 90, but with humidity hitting 60 percent or so, it may feel hotter, perhaps 100 degrees in certain pockets or microclimates, as the weather service calls them.

“Another uncomfortable day,” Vaz said.

He reminds people to drink water, take it slow and check on the elderly and sick and make sure their air conditioners work.

On the Island, the ocean breezes will cool the brow, he said, so no daily record is expected to be melted, except for perhaps Islip, where it was 92 degrees in 1966.

A round of brief showers and perhaps a thunderstorm are possible before Friday brings comfortable temperatures in the 70s, the National Weather Service said.

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But Thursday will be far from the worst that the weather can offer and not unusual for this time of year.

Said Vaz, “It’s summer.”