Amityville trustees renew Toomey's Tavern cabaret license; deal reached on noise, parking

Reggie DeFilippo, owner of Toomey's Tavern in Amityville, Reggie DeFilippo, owner of Toomey's Tavern in Amityville, sits on the deck of the business on April 19, 2014. Amityville Village trustees in June 2015 tabled an application to renew the bar's cabaret license. Photo Credit: Steve Pfost

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Amityville trustees gave conditional approval for waterfront bar Toomey's Tavern to hold weekend concerts this summer.

The concerts had drawn opposition from neighbors who complained of noise and crowds. Others supported bar owner Reggie DeFilippo, who said the concerts were an important draw for his business, an Amityville fixture for more than half a century that was damaged during superstorm Sandy.

"We'll wait and see how the summer goes," said Michael Starito, who lives in the neighborhood and owns a nearby marina. He said he supported the marine business district but also wanted to enjoy his property on summer weekends.

"We're doing the best we can between residents and businesses," trustee Dennis Siry told residents at the Monday night meeting.

The board's compromise came in the form of a renewal of the cabaret license the bar needs to play music that is good for only three months, instead of the usual year.

Trustees also attached stipulations eliminating some of the street parking outside Toomey's, at 251 South Ketcham Ave., to make getting in and out of the bar's parking lot easier and also mandating that DeFilippo assign an employee to help ensure compliance with village rules.

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Trustees stipulated that outdoor music must cut off at 8 p.m., and said they could impose future stipulations.

Following a meeting trustees arranged between DeFilippo and neighbors, the bar owner said he would use an electronic noise level meter on concert nights. He also said he had given his cellphone number to neighbors and would promptly address their complaints.

"This is a fair compromise that's going to allow Toomey's to operate as a successful business . . ." he said.

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