Billy Joel holds numerous titles --  Grammy Award winner, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Kennedy Center honoree, to name a few. But now he can add another feather in his cap. He's about as Long Island as it gets.

Joel beat out bagels, Jones Beach, Billy Crystal, "The Long Island Medium" and 59 other iconic local places, celebrities, foods and activities in Newsday's "That's SO Long Island" tournament.

advertisement | advertise on newsday readers cast more than 520,000 votes over the course of the six-round tournament, which came down to a Jones Beach-Billy Joel face-off. 

Joel won by nearly 900 votes. (But don't hide your head in the sand, Jones Beach. Joel dominated every opponent he came up against in the competition.)

Here are 13 reasons why he probably deserves the title, too. (Mobile readers: Use the link above to read the list.)

And congratulations to Massapequa Park's Tracie Razz. She was the first reader to correctly predict the four finalists -- Joel, Jones Beach, bagels and Jones Beach concerts -- and won $500 in our contest.