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Lindsay Lohan: "I've been driving, like, four year,
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Lindsay Lohan: "I've been driving, like, four year, kind of illegally . . . When I was little I used to drive my dad's car in the backyard. It was pretty funny, I crashed into a tree almost, but, you know, I was learning." -- Lohan as a 17-year-old on a 2003 episode of "The Sharon Osbourne Show" speaking with guest host Anthony Anderson. She went on to explain, "Where I lived in New York, on Long Island, it's Laurel Hollow, and it's 2-acre zoning, so we had 3 acres, and I drove." The Lohan family as a whole has had its share of much-publicized driving (among other) incidents since, but she looked to stabilize her life and career in 2013 with multiple roles, including appearances as herself in "Scary Movie 5" and TV show "Anger Management" with Charlie Sheen.(Credit: Getty Images)

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