Long Island's underground music scene might not match up with Seattle or New York City, but you can't argue the Island's importance.

As a Twitter user pointed out Tuesday, the band KISS began its iconic run in Amityville in 1973. User @Krochmal wrote:

"Talked about music in class today, specifically LI bands on tour. They didn't know KISS's 1st tour was at Daisy in Amityville in 73."

Upon further research, KISS's first tour actually began in Queens in 1973, but the band began wearing their renowned makeup at a pair of shows at The Daisy on March 9 and 10 in 1973.

Full disclosure: The "Tweeter" Mo Krochmal, is a journalism professor at Hofstra University. I took a pair of classes with him my junior and senior years at the university.

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