Maybe New Yorkers are fed up. Maybe the political instability statewide has got Long Islanders on their last nerve.

Whatever it is, even the simplest political stance -- "I won't raise taxes" -- has got users on the attack.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio signed a pledge on Wednesday not to increase taxation if elected. His announcement has not been met with much optimism, to say the least.

VIDEO: Lazio pledges not to raise taxes

For some, Lazio is singing the same old song. MadballNYHC and LI_Bri both wrote that they've heard promises like this before. BARBARAB98 worried that a pledge like this would come with major implications, such as layoffs. One commenter, miket4972, even suggested that Lazio would raise taxes indirectly by forcing "schools and local towns to jack up their taxes."

Some users even strayed well off the typical path, endorsing taxes. cmw825 wrote, "There is no way to improve life anywhere without money and the only way is to raise taxes."

So far, the race between Steve Levy and Lazio for the Republican nomination has been pretty ugly. What's your take on the two candidates?