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A fresh view of beloved Sayville bakery

Take a read of this homespun profile of Kurt Fritzche,  the owner of a local downtown Sayville bakery, by the unapologetic community booster website Sayville.com. The story about the man captures the dedication of local fans and the luscious details of Fritzche's   Bakery.

A taste  from the story:  "We have grown to love and depend on the crisp rolls, soft on the inside; the buns thick with crumbs; the pies that you’d think your mom had made!

"I am amazed to learn there are still people living in Sayville who don’t know what a Thursday Special is. If you are guilty of this oversight, drop into the bakery next Thursday morning – early, so that you don’t miss them. You’re in for a treat!

"Although the sign boasts French Bakery, Mr. Fritzsche is of German descent and most of his recipes are German. His father opened the bakery in 1926 and our Mr. Fritzsche worked with his dad since 1946, taking over the business in 1973.

“We used to have a much larger variety. We’ve downsized because there are no bakers available,” Mr. Fritzsche explained. I don’t think anyone minds, though, since everything in his store tastes delicious! His biggest sellers are crumb buns, jelly donuts and rolls, but I find myself changing favorites every few months so that I run the gamut of products.

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