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Cops save baby deer from icy waters on Fire Island

A baby deer nearly drowned on Feb. 8

A baby deer nearly drowned on Feb. 8 when it plunged into the icy waters of Fire Island's Davis Park Marina. Luckily, two Suffolk County Marine Bureau officers who were docking their boat saw the fawn flailing about in the water and quickly responded. They were able to get a rope around it, reel it in and lift the animal up onto the boat. After docking, they dried off the baby deer, fed it popcorn and chips, and watched it run off with its family. | Here's the story (Credit: Handout)

A baby deer took a plunge into Davis Park Marina on Fire Island Thursday, and frantically tried to escape the clusters of icy slush closing in on him.

Luckily, Suffolk County Marine Bureau officers Peter Bogachunas and Robert Femia saw the fawn and quickly responded.

Bogachunas, 46, of Stony Brook, and Femia, 54, of Selden, were docking their boat when they saw the deer fall into the water 30 yards from shore at 1:04 p.m.

“The baby fell off the dock and into the water and there was no way it was going to get out,” said Bogachunas, an officer with the marine bureau for 10 years. “It was trying to stay above the ice, but it started to give up. I was able to get a rope around it, pull it close to the boat and Robert lifted it up onto the boat and covered it with a blanket.”

Upon docking, the officers dried off the fawn as a family of deer came from out of the woods and began licking the baby deer until it slowly started to move around again.

The officers then guided the baby deer to the police booth and fed it popcorn and chips. Moments later, the fawn became more alert and ran off with the other deer.

“He’s been coming around since he was born, with the same spots [on him],” Bogachunas said. “We see deer all the time near the marina, but this one fell in right in front of us and we had to do something. There was no way we could just let the poor thing die.”

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