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Double rainbow awes Long Islanders

After a day of drizzle and light showers, a rainbow that appeared Thursday evening over Pinelawn Road in Melville was a refreshing sight. Videojournalist: Arturo Jimenez (Nov. 7, 2013)

Nichole McKinney was working at Grand Prix Subaru in Hicksville when she, like many others in the area, saw it: A huge double rainbow crossing Long Island.

“I saw it around 4:30 p.m. from my desk and ran right outside after that and was snapping pictures trying to get both of them,” she said in a Facebook message.

Bill Goodman, forecaster at the National Weather Service in Upton, said rainbows commonly occur when the sun is low in the sky -- early in the morning or late in the day -- after the sun emerges following a rain storm.

And it rained in pretty much all areas of Long Island today.

Word of the rainbow quickly spread as people were awed by the sight.

"I was babysitting three kids when my mother called me up and told me to go outside and look at the rainbow," said Diana Gelsomino, 24, from East Meadow. "I was so amazed by it I told the kids to run outside to look at it. Then the little boy ran and told his little neighbor to look at it. So there was five of us staring at the sky in amazement." 

See readers' photos of the double rainbow on Facebook at on.fb.me/1eqpi3h

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