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Hempstead Town works to clear Point Lookout beach of seaweed

Seaweed washes ashore at Point Lookout beach. (July

Seaweed washes ashore at Point Lookout beach. (July 27, 2013) (Credit: Barry Sloan)

Seaweed is invading Point Lookout beach, and residents are urging the Town of Hempstead to clean it up.

According to a News 12 Long Island report, beachgoers say the seaweed is smelly, bug-infested and potentially dangerous to walk on because it could be hiding debris.

Mike Deery, a spokesperson for the town, told Newsday on Saturday the seaweed problem may be from warm weather, moon tide or the jetty blocking the flow of the tide.

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“That’s Mother Nature, especially with a new moon or full moon,” Deery said. “There are many factors that attribute to bringing seaweed year-round from the bay side to the oceanside, but we do clean it every day.”

He added that only a small portion of the beach — in the shadow of the easternmost part of the jetty — is obstructed by seaweed, and that beachgoers can walk 50 feet to the west of where the seaweed is collecting to find clear access to the beach.

“There is plenty of beachfront where there is no seaweed at all,” he said, adding that town workers were at the beach Friday night and Saturday morning to remove as much seaweed as they could.

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