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People of Mattituck: Lori Surozenski

Lori Surozenski, 27, of Mattituck is a bartender at Four Doors Down.

How long have you lived in Mattituck?
I've lived around here my whole life. I grew up in Cutchogue, it's basically the same thing. But I live in Mattituck now.

How long have you worked at Four Doors Down?
I was trying to figure that out the other day. A while. I left for college and came back. Maybe around five years.

Where did you go to college?
East Carolina

What was it like growing up here?
It's very small town. Everyone knows everyone and everyone helps each other out. You can count on people, like I know I could ask anyone here for anything and they'd do it. It's a little slower, but I wouldn't change it. We have the beaches, it's a great place. When you leave, you miss it.

Is that how you felt when you left for college?
Yeah, all I wanted to do was come home.

How would you define the character of the Mattituck community?
It's one big family, that's what it is.

Do you ever think about moving away again?
You always think about it but now it's the economy, it's jobs and things like that.

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