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Peter King: Candidates will face 'pragmatic' Long Islanders

Rep.Peter King making the rounds talking to reporters

Rep.Peter King making the rounds talking to reporters at the Hofstra debate media center. (Oct. 16, 2012) (Credit: Newsday/Laura Figueroa)

Rep. Peter King (R- Seaford) made the rounds speaking to reporters at Hofstra University's media center before Tuesday's debate.

King said both Obama and Romney may not be used to fielding questions from “pragmatic” Long Islanders.

“Long Islanders, even those who are very conservative or those who are very liberal, are not overly ideological,” King said. “They can be pragmatic at the same time. I don't think either Gov. Romney or President Obama are used to hearing that. They usually deal with true believers.”

King said if Romney is hoping to build on the success of his first debate performance: “He has to show an ability to confront the president but do it in a respectful way . . . He has to show that he can communicate with regular people, especially regular middle-class suburban people which that is what Nassau County is,” King said.

Despite Long Island having a higher than average middle class income compared to other parts of the country, King said, “We also have a lot of the same problems as the middle-class suburb. We have very successful people but a lot of them have been hit by the financial crisis ... you have an infrastructure that's getting old.”

King added: “I'm willing to bet, whatever the final vote total is on Long Island, the percentage on Long Island will be very similar, identical, to what the national vote will be. We basically reflect the entire country.”

Above: Rep. Peter King making the rounds talking to reporters at the Hofstra debate media center. (Oct. 16, 2012)

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