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Riverhead plan would charge fees for tents in town

Riverhead Town Hall is at 200 Howell Ave.

Riverhead Town Hall is at 200 Howell Ave. (Credit: Carl Corry)

Riverhead’s town board will hold a public hearing Tuesday on a plan to begin charging fees to groups that erect tents on commercial or industrial properties within the town.

Some charities have put up tents for such events as annual flower sales, and the town board has the power to waive fees for them. But businesses also have been using tents to increase their sales, and all tents must be inspected by the town for safety.

Under the proposed change, any tent less than 1,000 square feet would be charged a fee of $175, and fees would increase based on size, with tents 10,000 square feet or more charged $250.

Any additional tent on the same property would pay a fee of $125. The property owners also would be required to submit a certificate showing that all tents are made of fire-resistant materials.

The hearing is scheduled for 2:20 p.m. at Town Hall.

Above: Riverhead Town Hall

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