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Scope of Tuckahoe Center environmental study decided

Southampton Town Hall is shown.

Southampton Town Hall is shown. (Credit: Erin Geismar)

Two-and-a-half years after the controversial Tuckahoe Center was proposed, the Southampton Town Board finally has decided on the scope of the environmental review that will analyze the project’s impact.

The decision: more detail than originally proposed on traffic and noise created by the project and on its impact on local businesses.

The center — a 40,000-square-foot King Kullen supermarket and 15,000 square feet of retail space — requires the town to change the zoning on 7.2 acres at the southwest corner of County Road 39 and Magee Street.

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The board in October ruled the center would have a significant environmental impact, which requires a formal environmental review.

But before that could be done, the board had to approve a scoping document, listing the items that the study would cover.

The town held public scoping sessions on Nov. 7 and Dec. 11, then gave another 30 days for written comment. Officials said those comments were taken into consideration in preparing the final draft.

The town board last week was ready to approve the scoping document when several local residents complained that they did not have adequate time to review it.

So the board adjourned after voting on all the other items on its agenda and town planning officials met with the group of residents. That resulted in several small changes in wording.

Those changes were brought in and hastily added to the resolution.

Then the board reconvened and approved the document.

The action allows the proposed Tuckahoe Center backers to begin to prepare and submit their environmental impact statement, which is subject to town review and further public hearings.

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