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Signs you're from Suffolk. Your suggestions?

You've tried to find the ?Amityville Horror? house,

You've tried to find the “Amityville Horror” house, the place where Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six of his family members as they slept in 1974. The original 112 Ocean Ave. address has been changed at least twice to keep gawkers away. PHOTOS (Credit: Newsday File)

Nassau and Suffolk counties have distinct identities, and the people who live in each area have special knowledge that tie them to their counties.

For instance, if you’re from Suffolk, you know how to pronounce Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge and Patchogue. And you've definitely searched for the "Amityville Horror" house.

So far, we've assembled -- with help from social media followers -- 21 signs someone is from Suffolk. Now you can help add to the list by adding suggestions below or emailing us at litowns@newsday.com.

PHOTOS: Signs you're from Suffolk

Next up later this week: Signs you're from Nassau. Feel free to add suggestions for that list, too.

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