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Town Focus: Day 5 in Amityville

The "Amityville Horror" house, which had a 108

The "Amityville Horror" house, which had a 108 Ocean Ave. address at the time. (March 30, 2005) (Credit: Newsday File / Daniel Goodrich)

My last day in Amityville is here and miraculously, I managed not to be haunted by the paranormal Amityville Horror story.

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to mention it. The truth is, it’s incredibly possible, and in fact likely, to spend a week in Amityville and be too caught up in all the other things going on to even think about the infamous 1974 murder at a house on Ocean Drive (nor the rumored haunting of that house afterward).

But if you’re interested, you can find past coverage here and here and here.

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Today, I’m heading back to the schools - this time Edmund W. Miles Middle School - to find out how the staff reached out to the community in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Michele Darby, school principal, spearheaded the effort, and she’ll introduce me to some of the teachers and parents who helped make their day of outreach possible.

You’ll also find stories about the Blue Christmas service being planned at the First United Methodist Church, and the story on Amityville’s history will be posted.

And look for more interviews from people around town today, and some of those I met earlier in the week will also be posted by the end of the day.

My colleague, Brittany Wait, joins me again today and she’s working on a story about an event for children and teens happening Saturday at the Freedom Chapel. Look for more on that later.

Thanks for following along this week and for your suggestions and tips about Amityville. I hope you’ll continue to send them in the future -- the week is over but the coverage is not.

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