It's probably best to stay away from David Rattiner today.

The Dan's Daily blogger, featured on the Dan's Paper's website, is not shy about dispensing his oft-derisive views, but a show last night on MTV really got his juices pumping.

Rattiner was none-too-keen about how his beloved Hamptons was depicted on MTV’s "True Life" series, which follows Jonny and Brittany as they struggle to fit in as outsiders in the jet-set scene.

"Please be aware," Rattiner says on his blog, "this show will make you feel so disgusted and depressed that this is what a generation of young American kids watch and want to be like.

"I think there were about four instances while watching where I threw up."

Still, Rattiner got past his disgust enough to throw up a link to the full show, which features a less-than-second-long cameo of J-Woww from "Jersey Shore."

By the way, Newsday's Valerie Kellogg got a kick out of the episode. Here's her review.

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Jonny, pictured with a lady friend, in MTV 's "True Life: I'm Hustling in the Hamptons." (MTV Photo)