Munsey Park puts off decision on proposed subdivision

The vacant lot at the southeast corner of

The vacant lot at the southeast corner of Manhasset Woods Road and Bellows Lane in Munsey Park is pictured Friday, April 25, 2014. (Credit: Barry Sloan)

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Residents in Munsey Park this week vehemently opposed the village's first subdivision proposal in at least three decades.

Trustees of the village of 2,700, acting as planning board members, said they would decide within 30 days after closing Tuesday's 90-minute hearing on an application to subdivide a plot for the building of two homes.

DJD Residential NY LLC seeks to split a nearly half-acre property on the southeast corner of Manhasset Woods Road and Bellows Lane. A trust owns the parcel, and the developer has a contract to buy the land, pending a planning board decision.

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The board began hearing the application Nov. 13, and later, the trust sued two families who opposed the issue because they prefer one home on the property. A State Supreme Court judge dismissed the lawsuit in March after the families filed a counter motion, and the judge fined an attorney for the trust $10,000 for "frivolous conduct."

Kelly Towers, who lives behind the site, urged board members to "build a house," referring to neighbors' desire to see just one house on the corner. John Dunne, attorney for the two families, including the Towers family, said, "Residents are trying to avoid the appearance of the McMansion look that we see all over Long Island these days, that could result from trying to shoehorn two houses into this lot as it presently stands."

Representatives for the developer said the homes would fit the village's look and character. The developer must receive additional building approvals if the subdivision is approved. The village has strict rules on aesthetics.

Daniel J. Denihan, the applicant, said he didn't expect the issue to "take on this kind of uproar." He said his intent was "to build two beautiful homes on this lot that would conform with Munsey Park."

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