While it may be some time before any coyotes other than Wile E. are spotted on Long Island, there is anything but a shortage of rare animals.

We're not talking deer, rabbits or mallards, animals that may seem exotic to transplants and tourists, either. We're talking wildlife that even the lifetime Long Islander would stop and say to themselves, "Was that really a snapping turtle!?"

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The "huge" turtle, spotted by Facebook user Tiffany Van Blarcom Elliot, isn't the only Discovery Channel-worthy creature that some locals have attested to seeing. Other Facebook users, including Kimberly Santiago and Natasha Beccaria Kaiser, recalled seeing foxes, both grey and red, ospreys, and even red tail hawks in their neighborhoods (Hauppauge and Sayville).

Want really crazy, though? You have to step off Long Island, to nearby Pennsylvania.

Patricia Pfeifer Rongo, who is listed as being from Huntington on Facebook, told a story about seeing a bear while vacationing in a cabin. Rongo said that two bears "about 350 pounds each" strolled across her property during the day. "Scared me to death!" Rongo exclaimed.

Can you top that?

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