NORTH BELLMORE - Residents of one North Bellmore neighborhood are fuming over a cabaret that has been operating without a license for months.

The Town of Hempstead is currently deciding whether it should renew the license of Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe, which expired a year ago.

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Residents say it's a strip club that has no place in their community because it's located near a school, a library and several homes. By law, strip clubs can't operate within 500 feet of a school.

An attorney for the cabaret's owner argues that it's not a strip club, and says it instead offers dancing and entertainment. However, the cabaret's website bills itself as the No. 1 strip club on Long Island. The attorney says that's merely meant to entice people to visit, but News 12 Long Island found customer reviews online praising the beautiful women and the lap dances that the club offers.

The attorney says the town should renew the license because it's creating jobs in the area.

No one answered when News 12 Long Island knocked at the entrance to Billy Dean's today.