Pat Dammes, 60, is a maintenance worker at the Hicksville Public Library and a volunteer with the Hicksville Fire Department. Three generations of her family live in the hamlet.

Q: What was it like growing up in Hicksville?

Dammes: I liked growing up in Hicksville. But it was very different. A lot of open land.

Q: What was school like back then?

Dammes: There were so many kids that they didn’t have enough room.

Q: How has Hicksville changed in your time here?

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Dammes: There’s a lot more traffic, and culturally there have been big changes. The other day [while working with the fire department], the dispatcher said, “There’s a language barrier.” One of the firefighters said, “I have an interpreter here,” and the dispatcher said, “It’s not Spanish.”

Q: Is there anything you’d like to see restored that has changed?

Dammes: Oh, it would be the malt shop [that closed].

Q: Are there any changes that you have really enjoyed here in Hicksville?

Dammes: The parks, I really like the parks we have. There were some parks before, but they aren’t what they are now. It’s nice to have for the kids. When the kids are playing, they’re full. And it’s not just the kids; it’s the families. It’s very family-oriented, as far as, everyone comes out to watch. It’s very sporty. It’s always been that way and I hope it always stays that way.

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