Levittown's Patti Brownstone, 51, is a real estate agent who has been selling Hicksville properties for eight years. She was having lunch Wednesday at Broadway Mall with her mother-in-law, Marsha Greene, 77, of Farmingdale, when she answered questions about her experience in Hicksville.

Q: What are some observations you've made about the Hicksville community?

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Brownstone: It's a very mixed community. It’s a very nice place to live and has good shopping.

Q: Why are people buying in Hicksville?

Brownstone: A lot of the attraction is the commuting into the city. I think the younger couples out here buy their first home so I think they're thinking about the easy commute. And the taxes here are lower than the surrounding area, so people looking to downsize are drawn here.

This week, for the second installment of our “Town Focus” series, community journalist T.C. McCarthy is reporting from the hamlet of Hicksville. Have a suggestion about someone he should meet or a place he should visit? We want to hear from you about how to get the full Hicksville experience. Reach out through Twitter, email or in the comments below.