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Former WWE Diva Serena on coming to LI, concussions, having kids

WSU wrestler Serena

If you want more out of your women’s wrestling than the 60-second “matches” you typically get between two bikini models on WWE each week, than you should definitely get over to Deer Park this Saturday for what promises to be a very unique event. Women Superstars Uncensored has made a name for itself over the last year as, arguably, the premiere women’s wrestling in the United States, and it’s coming...

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Mick Foley juggles comedy, return to WWE

Mick Foley, right, hangs out with "30 Rock"

(Credit: Joe Defino )

You never know what to expect from a Mick Foley performance, whether in the squared circle or, in this case, a stand-up comedy routine earlier this month at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown. The dichotomy of someone telling jokes to raise money for sexual assault victims would be awkward for most. But for Long Island native and three-time WWE champ Foley, 46 -- who over the years has gained...

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If WWE's signs 'fantasy wrestling' star, could it hurt Linda McMahon's Senate run?

Political foes constantly peppered Linda McMahon during her unsuccessful 2010 U.S. Senate run with claims that she built her fortune on an industry that objectified women. Now, just more than two weeks after the former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO announced that she will again seek Connecticut's Republican nomination for the Senate, women's wrestling website reported that WWE...

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What I dig and what I'd dump in today's wrestling

AMERICAN IDOL: Hulk Hogan visits AMERICAN IDOL airing

(Credit: Fox)

I’d like to start a new regular feature here in the Steel Cage: The Dig and Dump List. Simply put, it will be a (hopefully) weekly list of what I’m digging from the current wrestling scene, and what I would dump. Let’s get underway:   Dig:

   1. Mark Henry: Simply put, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion is the best thing going in WWE right now. His intimidating,...

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Why I have 'no confidence' in WWE these days

Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and Christian during

(Credit: Getty Images)

All apologies for posting so infrequently here. If you’ve been following my coverage of the MTA as of late, you’ll understand that I’ve been quite busy. But I felt compelled to drop in today after watching the last few weeks of WWE programming, including the Hell in a Cell pay per view Sunday night and last night’s newsworthy Raw. It’s all led me to write something...

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Feeling lukewarm about SummerSlam

Randy Orton co-headlines this Sunday's SummerSlam.

(Credit: Getty Images)

We’re just five days away from what’s supposed to be one of the biggest wrestling shows of the year. But it sure doesn’t feel that way, In my opinion, the card for this Sunday’s SummerSlam is among the weakest in the event’s 23 year history. Far from the second most important event of the year, as has traditionally been the case, this year’s SummerSlam seems thrown...

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WWE stars make day for cancer-stricken boy

Lisa Cornell, left, of Oceanside, snaps a photo

(Credit: T.C. McCarthy)

Eight-year-old Philip Califano leaned against his mother, gazed at two of his favorite TV stars and smiled. “Hi, Strawberry Shortcake,” the Oceanside boy said to redheaded WWE superstar Sheamus -- repeating the taunt that Sheamus’ “Friday Night Smackdown” foe, Christian, delivered the night before. Sheamus just laughed, as did WWE diva Kelly Kelly. The pair took part...

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Thoughts on last night's Raw from LI

I had a good time last night at the special “All Stars” three-hour edition of Raw at the Nassau Coliseum last night. Here are a few thoughts coming out of the show. . I remain a big supporter of WWE’s decision to provide a PG product that appeals to kids—and not only because I have a couple of kids of my own. Fans who aren’t parents may be against the move, preferring...

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Interview with WWE's "Long Island Iced Z" Zack Ryder

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder

(Credit: WWE)

When WWE returns to the Nassau Coliseum Monday for a live, three-hour edition of Raw, it will be a particularly special night for one WWE superstar — Merrick native Zack Ryder. Although he’s worked for WWE for five years now, it’s only in recent months that Ryder, 26, has developed a rabid fan following. Signs showing their support for Ryder have begun popping up at arenas, and...

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WWE draft predictions

Name: Randy Orton Birthday: 4/1/80 Age: 31 years

(Credit: WWE/John Giamundo)

The annual WWE Draft takes place tonight. And if past draft shows are any evidence, WWE will undoubtedly be looking to create a buzz with some big moves. Unfortunately, there are fewer of those big moves to make than ever before. Because of a general dearth of star power, and WWE being lax about keeping its two brands truly separate, there aren’t many roster changes that would come off as...

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