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Raw after-party: Orton gains more momentum before Night of Champions

Tonight was the season premiere of Monday night Raw and to jazz it up we had Raw Roulette making its return for the first time in three years. The Raw guest host spot was dusted off and revived with Chad Ochocino of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tonight’s whole show was about John Cena vs. Randy Orton. Thanks to the roulette wheel the showdown between the two was made a tables match. I had...

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WWE, Bret Hart need to part ways once again

Where has Bret “The Hitman” Hart been? Who knows and why bother worrying. Where ever Hart has been since the 900th episode of Raw, the WWE and Hart are better off apart at this point. There’s no need to continuously book Hart on Raw when there is no need for him.

I’m not just talking about not booking him in matches. We all know his in-ring career has been over for...

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No Nexus/Undertaker follow up on Raw?

Raw this past week was all about the Nexus. They have once again regained their old form before they lost to Team WWE at Summerslam. In the opening of Raw they talked about how they destroyed the Undertaker. I’m sure it’s something that they are going to use in future promos as well which makes me wonder, when is Taker going to confront them?

I realize he’s on Smackdown feuding...

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Video: Baseball brawl wrestling fans would be proud of

Florida Marlins and Washington Nationals players fall to

(Credit: AP )

I'm sure not many people watch the Florida Marlins take on the Washington Nationals last night. I mean why would you? There were more people brawling on the field than in the stands. Although, there was a fantastic brawl that any wrestling fan would be proud of.

Basically, Nyjer Morgan has been involved in a lot of skirmishes in baseball the last few weeks. The night before last, Morgan knocked...

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