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The Rock returns to WWE to host WrestleMania

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to WWE on

(Credit: WWE)

Oh, we smell it.

In case you missed, Monday Night Raw closed out with the return of The Rock to a WWE ring for the first time in 7 years. “The Great One” announced that he indeed will be the special guest host for WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta.

After two hours of teasing everyone from Justin Bieber to Snookie, a limousine pulled up to the arena before the last commercial...

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Video: Raw advertises Undertaker's WWE return

By now all of you have seen the 2.21.11 hype video. What you may have not seen is the actual WWE-produced video that was pulled from the Save Mart Center’s website advertising Taker’s return.

The video was pulled from the site once other websites starting linking to it. However, they are still advertising, in caps and yellow font, that Undertaker is returning.

Why is Undertaker,...

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The only WrestleMania host that makes sense

Last night Mr. McMahon returned to television in the opening segment of Raw to announce that, next week, he would unveil the “guest host” of WrestleMania XXVII. McMahon hyped that “only one man” could host an event so big.

Immediately, the rumor mill started working double time. Fans speculated on names ranging from Brock Lesnar to Randy Savage to Bob Barker. But in...

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Who will host WWE's Wrestlemania? Not Sting!

Vince McMahon appeared on Raw last night for the first time in nearly a year and he didn’t come empty-handed. McMahon said that on next week’s show he will announce who will host Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta on April 3rd.

McMahon said the man who will guest host will be “the personification of that special moment” fans always expect at Wrestlemania. “There is only...

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Packers' Rodgers celebrates trophy moment with a belt

Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, right, and teammate Clay

(Credit: AP)

If you stuck around past the commercials, the game, and the Alex Rodriguez-Cameron Diaz moment with popcorn, you saw something that is very familiar to wrestling fans.

During the post game show, Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was wearing a replica of the WWE World Heavyweight title. During  the last few years many athletes, especially football players have carried or posed with replica...

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WWE News & Notes: Sting, 2.21.11 video

What a rumor-filled day surrounding the WWE following the 2.21.11 promo showed on Raw last night. Let me try to get you up to speed on what I can.

Sting: Depending on what internet rumor sites you frequent you will get a different answer. Welcome to wrestling rumors on the net! Some are saying Sting has signed a one-year deal with the WWE while others are still reporting he is a free agent....

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The Rock hints at a WWE return

Portrait of Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson taken at

(Credit: Los Angeles Times/Anne Cusack)

Former WWE legend The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) answered some questions on his Facebook page asked by fans. As you could imagine, one fan asked if and when he would make a return to the company that made him famous.

"Of course I will..not a match though, but in a capacity that would allow me to do so much more.. I LOVE that company and the fans...without the two I would not be standing where...

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2.21.11: Sting, Undertaker, someone else?

A dark promo aired toward the end of Raw last night hyping 2.21.11. That is the Monday night following the Elimination Chamber pay per view.

For those that didn’t see the promo it only showed a dark, one story house with a few windows. The backdrop was nighttime and the only part of the person you saw was their black boots and a trench coat. The obvious candidates to appear on 2.21.11...

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Newsday back page ripping the WWE?

Today’s back page of Newsday may have featured the Jets and Mark Sanchez, but any true wrestling fan saw something else.

“Monday Night Raw” was the title of the WWE’s flagship weekly program from 1993-2002. The show now goes by the name “Raw” so Newsday won’t have to worry about any copyright issues.

The back cover does make me wonder how many...

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Shawn Michaels is the newest member of the WWE HOF

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25

(Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE)

The WWE did a heck of a job keep Shawn Michaels’ appearance and Hall of Fame announcement a secret last night on Raw. HBK looked genuinely happy to be back in front of a crowd and his Hall of Fame video was nothing short of remarkable. The WWE usually does a great job with retrospective videos like that.

As for HBK going into the HOF, it’s a smart move by the WWE. Last year’s...

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