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WWE defends decision to run MSG show

Earlier today on this blog I questioned why WWE decided to go ahead with its Madison Square Garden live event Sunday night, despite forecasts of a severe blizard and warnings by the Long Island Rail Road that it would suspend service if the weather became too severe.

I heard back from WWE spokesman Adam Hopkins on WWE's decision. Here's what he said:

"WWE tries its best...

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WWE fans still stranded near MSG amid storm

Today marks a rare opportunity where my fulltime beat at Newsday - covering the Long Island Rail Road - and my side gig - covering the pro wrestling industry - intersect.

That's because among the LIRR customers most affected by the rail road's service suspension have been wrestling fans.

On Sunday night, WWE held a live event at Madison Square Garden, attended by up to 15,000 people...

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Shawn Michaels announces "long-term" deal with WWE

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25

(Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE)

Less than a year after retiring from the WWE in the “Streak vs. Career” match, Shawn Michaels has signed a long-term deal to rejoin the WWE, according to The Heart Break Kid in a video on his YouTube channel.

Michaels states he is adamant about not returning to in-ring action because he wants to keep his word to the fans and the Undertaker. It seems this long-term deal is just...

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Go away Michael Cole

And as strange as it may sound, the person most fans may be clamoring to hear from tonight on Monday Night Raw is Michael Cole. Following his attack on his own broadcast partner Jerry Lawler during “The King’s” world title match against The Miz last week, Cole has promised to explain his actions.

For my money, the best resolution we could hope for is for Cole to leave the...

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The Miz joins an "awesome," elite new club

With his WWE championship win last week The Miz joins what is still a fairly exclusively, and relatively short list.

It’s true that world title changes have become fairly commonplace in WWE in recent years (the WWE title has changed hands six times this year alone – the same amount of title changes in the first 14 years of WWE’s existence.) But the fact is that it’s...

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Sheamus is a disappointing pick for King

Hi all. I’m making a concerted effort to update this blog more frequently. I hope you’ll notice, come back, and spread the word.

A quick thought on Sheamus winning the King of the Ring tournament Monday night:

Sheamus was a lot of fans’ favorite to win the King of the Ring tournament, but I must say I’m a little disappointed that WWE chose to crown a two-time...

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Raw on LI, wrestling on LI this weekend, wrestling school special, meet WWE stars, PPV tonight

I wanted to drop in with an update on a few big wrestling events going in over the next couple days:

. WWE Monday Night Raw is coming to the Nassau Coliseum right here on LI this Monday, November 1. Tickets start at $34 and are available through Ticketmaster. I hope to see some of you there.

. Tomorrow, Saturday October 30, Ringside Collectibles is holding a big autograph signing, Q&A...

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Raw after-party: John Cena a member of Nexus?

John Cena is going to join the Nexus? How the does the WWE want me to believe that? Last night on Raw, Cena was supposed to face Wade Barrett. Instead, Barrett stood on top the announcer’s table and played type role of general manager. If Cena defeated the other members of Nexus he would then face Barrett.

Cena ran the gauntlet successfully pinning Health Slater, Michael Tarver, and David...

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Orton captures WWE Title; where does John Cena go from here?

On a night all about championships, four titles changed hands at Night of Champions. The biggest of all the title changes came when the Viper, Randy Orton, once again recaptured the WWE Title.

Six-pack challenge for the WWE Title: Randy Orton defeated, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Edge, and Wade Barrett

The match itself was okay, nothing to go crazy about it that’s worth...

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Your next WWE Champion could be just about anyone

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge, left, and Chris

(Credit: Getty Images)

Each participant of the six pack challenge this Sunday at Night of Champions has a good chance to walk out with the WWE Title. I’m going to make a case for each man on why they can walk out as the champion.

Sheamus (Current WWE Champion): Sheamus has been the number one heel on Raw for most of this year and has done a great job. Usually, young heels that are thrown into the main event...

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