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... you've ended your night with a bagel.
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... you've ended your night with a bagel. Compared to their Eastern counterparts, Nassau residents are spoiled when it comes to the sheer number of bagel shops. Some, including Long Island Bagel Cafe in Oceanside, Beach Bagel in Long Beach and A & S in Franklin Square are open 24/7, ready to satisfy cravings for the boiled-and-baked dough around the clock.(Credit: Tara Conry)

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You know you're from Nassau when...

Nassau and Suffolk counties have distinct identities, and the people who live in each area have special knowledge that ties them to their counties. For instance, if you’re from Nassau, you know the actual places in all the Billy Joel songs and Roosevelt Field is a second home. The following examples were culled from our social media followers and staff. Send your suggestions to litowns@newsday.com.