Shoppers at the Roosevelt Field mall have some interesting ideas about where they'd like to see us place our new helmet cams!  A helmet camera, otherwise known as a micro-video camera, bullet camera, or lipstick camera, is a camera that can be attached to a helmet, allowing the helmet-wearer to record their adventures hands-free and get a whole new point-of-view. But we're not just putting them on helmets. We're sticking these handy cameras everywhere! Readers from all over the island have given their creative ideas. Listen to some here . . .

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Videojournalists: Mario Gonzalez and Meredith Daniels

  These are some great ideas. But we want more! Have a fun, peculiar, or interesting place you would like to see with a new point-of-view? Let us know! Comment on this post or email us at If we like your idea, we'll include it in our next video post. Let the brainstorming begin!