Long Island Rail Road commuters will have a smoother time parking their cars at three Nassau County stations.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s LIRR Committee on Monday approved a $1.33 million plan to repave the parking lots at Little Neck, Cedarhurst and Gibson stations.

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“All three parking lots are fully utilized and we have received some customer complaints regarding conditions,” LIRR president Patrick Nowakowski said. “Although we have made some temporary fixes, it is replacement time at all three sites.”

At Little Neck, which has 111 parking spaces, the work will include installing a new sidewalk around the station building, new curbs along the lot’s southern border, and other improvements including new signs and a guardrail. The work there is expected to cost $763,000.

At Cedarhurst, which has 47 spaces, the project will add two spaces and also include new curbs, sidewalks and signs. The work there will cost $260,000. And at Gibson, which has 44 parking spaces, guardrails will be replaced and a wheelchair ramp modified at a total cost of $310,000.

The projects will be paid for using leftover funds from a 2005 state transportation bond, and the construction contracts are expected to be awarded to small businesses through the MTA’s Small Business Mentoring Program.