Help. Four letters, one syllable, infinite possibilities for implementation.

Everywhere in the world people need it. Long Island is no exception, and it is home to dozens of nonprofits with important missions and unique ways of fulfilling them that benefit a range of causes — from humankind to the animal kingdom to the environment.

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For 50 months, starting in January 2013 and ending in February 2017, the Volunteer Nation series featured local nonprofits, many of which you may not have heard of. That was by design, to introduce Newsday readers to the goodness in our midst that exists just under the radar. The series will continue on an occasional basis in the months ahead, but now is the time to revisit those already featured and hear about how they’ve grown and continued their efforts.

They can all use Long Islanders’ help to do that.

“All of us need to do our part,” said Diana O’Neill, executive director of the Hempstead-based Long Island Volunteer Center, a resource and referral agency that links individuals and groups to volunteer opportunities on Long Island. “Community is common unity. If we don’t step up then something’s missing from the common good. We’re here for a purpose. Even if we can’t divine it for ourselves, we can still work and figure out the big picture in smaller bits, by helping neighbors, friends, strangers.

“When you factor in the group that benefits, that’s just an exponential gift, something that allows us to be a witness to the greater good.”