WBLI 106.1 FM shared a video on its Facebook page Thursday that has had Long Islanders talking ever since. In less than two minutes, the radio station managed to shoehorn just about every typical LI beach struggle into one package in a video titled "[Stuff] Long Islanders Say at the Beach."

The video follows a group of friends as they drive down Ocean Parkway, yell under the tunnel at Jones Beach just to hear their voices echo and ultimately say everything that runs through Long Islanders' minds during a day at the beach. It has received 454,000 views as of Saturday afternoon.

Most were relatable struggles -- wishing the broken water fountains at Jones Beach would work; the sand burning your feet; figuring out how to set up an umbrella; and spending $9 for a hot dog.

Of course, the video wouldn't be complete without mentioning the roundabout that no one can seem to master.

"Oh no. Here comes the roundabout," says one of the Long Islanders as they approach the Jones Beach pencil -- also one of the video's mentionable topics of confusion.

"That was it. Did we miss it?"

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Of course they did.

"Hang on. We have to go around one more time."

Watch the video for yourself here: http://bit.ly/1EHcPqP