After zooming past prom-goers and photographers, Quanel Robinson and Timesha Garrett stepped out of a sleek electric blue BMW in front of Crest Hollow Country Club last Wednesday. But the car wasn’t the only thing to stop traffic.

Robinson rented the car so he and his girlfriend of three years could arrive to the Wyandanch Memorial High School prom in style. They coordinated their attire to not only match each other, but also the car.

Robinson sported a bright yellow jacket with a blue bowtie, the shade nearly identical to the BMW. Garrett’s gown was also a deep blue, and she showed off a pair of yellow heels along with a sunflower-toned clutch. Her corsage and his boutonniere also featured splashes of their favorite colors.

“We both like the way [blue and yellow] mix,” Robinson said.

It took lots of planning to turn their dream ride into a reality. Robinson rented the 2015 BMW 4-series Gran Coupe with his older sister.

“It was actually a crazy process,” he said. “It took up until the night before last night. We finally found a car that fit us, and not even that, it was just the hassle of finding reasonable prices… It was pretty hectic, I guess, but God willing it was all worth it.”

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“It was awesome,” Garrett agreed with a grin.

As Garrett enters her senior year of high school in September, Robinson will be attending the National Basketball Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Juan Nieto — Robinson’s English teacher of three years — wrote him a letter of recommendation.

“He’s the type of student that we enjoy having when we’re doing classroom discussions because he’s very active, participates and he livens up the class in a good way,” Nieto said. “He gets everyone motivated to be in the classroom, including the teacher.”

Robinson and Garrett danced the night away and posed for numerous photos together, but they were most excited to venture to their after-prom festivities in Manhattan.

When Nieto heard about Robinson’s prom, he cracked a smile.

“Get out of here!” he exclaimed. “That sounds like Quanel.”