Madoff investors speak out as he faces sentencing




Loss: "My life savings"

How coping: Trying to get government agencies to work with Madoff victims. "We are just basically ignored. Most say, 'Thank you for your letter. We'll get back to you,' and then they don't."

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "I'd like to see a life sentence with no chance of parole and his being put into a maximum-security prison."




Loss: "My income has been cut in half."

How coping: Trying to figure out how to pay for her grandchildren's education.

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "I think it would be a waste

of his life in prison. I think he should go to work for the government and help us" out of the recession. "But I'm not offering him luxury."


Great Neck

Loss: "I lost my dad's inheritance."

How coping: Trying to get government agencies "to follow through with what they're supposed to do" to help victims recover money.

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "I would like him to be put in a room with all of his victims. I don't think he would come out."



Loss: "My grandchildren's college tuition."

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? He "should be sent to prison for life and made to eat Nutriloaf every day and clean toilets." Nutriloaf is an intentionally unappetizing yet healthful meal made of baked beans and flour, with shredded carrots, spinach, raisins, potato, rice, cheese and bread used as punishment food. "He should live a lifestyle that denies him the very satisfactions he took advantage of others to achieve."


Great Neck

Loss: $10 million

How coping: Spending time trying to recover funds by contacting government agencies. "I'd been giving my children and grandchildren the maximum amount of money allowed by law, and I used to take my family on trips: Japan, China. We bonded on these trips." Now, there are no more gifts and no trips.

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "He ought to be sentenced to a maximum-security prison and have hard labor imposed upon him for the rest of his life."



Loss:"My entire family trust."

How coping: "I got a job" as manager of the Giorgio Armani counter at Bloomingdale's in Roosevelt Field. "It helps me cope and helps out financially."

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "If I were going to get my money back, then I could possibly see a lesser sentence. But that's not going to happen. I would like to see the maximum sentence because he needs to suffer and pay his dues for what he did to the world."


Englewood, N.J.

Loss: He and his wife, Joan, lost $5 million. They had enjoyed a semiretired life with safaris to Africa, but now have cut back.

How coping: "All of us in life go through terrible experiences, and we have choices: We can be survivors or we can be victims." Ross has been one of the most outspoken of Madoff's clients. He has received $500,000 from the Securities Investor Protection Corp. A real estate executive, he's gone back to work full-time.

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? "Clearly, this is a guy who never deserves to see the light of day in his lifetime - and even that is getting off easy."



Loss:A single mom with two young boys, Story said life is a challenge after losing her unspecified inheritance to Madoff.

How coping:A jewelry designer and ESL teacher, Story said she is juggling finances and "trying to pay my mortgage."

What kind of sentence should Madoff get? Life in prison. "I also want to see [all the] people responsible punished as well."

With Anthony M. DeStefano

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