A Marine on Sunday chased down a man on foot who police say robbed a diner and then turned the suspect over to police, according to a news release.

Staff Sgt. Michael Forras, who is stationed at Stewart Air Base, was in his car when he saw two men chasing John C. Knaggs, 27, of Cornwall, along Route 17K in Newburgh.

Police say Knaggs had walked into the Neptune Diner at about noon, chatted with the owner and then nabbed two bags of money on the other side counter while the owner was distracted, according to the release. The owner and a patron, Charles Smith, of New Windsor, ran after Knaggs, who sped out the door.

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Forras joined the chase after making a U-turn and hopping out of his car. Forras, who was in uniform, caught up to Knaggs, identified himself as a Marine and took the man into custody.

The Town of Newburgh police charged Knaggs with grand larceny, a felony. An investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be filed. Knaggs was being detained at the Town of Newburgh Police Department headquarters Sunday and was unavailable for comment.