MAHWAH - A new movie set in northern New Jersey is stirring up controversy.

The mayor of Mahwah and the chief of the Ramapough Indian tribe are denouncing the film "Out of the Furnace" and have even called it a "hate crime" for its depiction of the tribe.

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Christian Bale and Casey Affleck star in the story of a war veteran from Pennsylvania who gets involved in underground boxing. The veteran travels to New Jersey's Ramapo mountains to throw a fight and is plunged into a tribal world of backwoods mountain outlaws.

Ramapough Chief Dwaine Perry says that world is false.

"This country thanks us by not knowing who we are," he says, "and continues to perpetuate these false stereotypes and denigration of our children, of our culture."

The mayor and the chief have not called for a boycott of the film.  Instead, they say people should make up their own minds about whether to see it and believe it.

"Out of the Furance" has received critics' praise, and is even a considered a contender for some Oscar nominations.