YONKERS - Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced today that School Superintendent Bernard Pierorazo will retire from his position in 30 days.

The educator is now out as leader of the city's students amid concerns over a mounting deficit.

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The news came from Mayor Spano after learning the district is operating with a budget deficit that could be up to $55 million. But, Spano says this should not impact students. He says the city can utilize its own surplus funds in the short term.

The sudden announcement has come as a shock to many. "My heart goes out that the end of a wonderful career that Mr. Pierorazio has had is ending this way, but we will survive as a city, as a school district," said the Yonkers Teachers Union president.

In the long term, Mayor Spano and City Council President Liam McLaughlin want the state to allow mayoral control of the Board of Education.

When asked if Superintendent Pierorazio was forced out, Spano said the superintendent offered his retirment.